Working together

Our initiatives and working groups provide a platform for stakeholders, responsible for a given topic area, to meet, promote and advance their work across the ecosystem network, therefore maximising knowledge sharing and best practice.

The Global Health Connector

The Global Health Connector reflects a determined commitment of existing organisations to improve health and care for citizens worldwide through the appropriate use of digital technologies in the provision of health and care services.
Participating organisations of the Global Health Connector Partnership will be able to pursue solutions to shared problems and discover areas of work via aligned strategic goals for further cost efficiency, reduced risk, and less effort.
Each of our organisations have their own missions and priorities, but will find commonality through the global vision upheld by the Global Health Connector Partnership.
Our organisations have worked together for the last 12 months, and we are now ready to welcome the next phase of this journey.

Digital Health Society

The Digital Health Society (DHS), as the data arm of the ECHAlliance Group, serves as an enabler for multi-stakeholder dialogue on digital health and health and care data policies and practices. DHS is a legacy of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2017 and was formed to promote adoption of digital health and the use of health data. Since 2017, the DHS has been mobilizing stakeholders from around Europe and the world to generate knowledge that supports the digital health transformation through development of health and care data policies, innovation and practices. It has worked on a range of important data areas including access, sharing, donation, security & privacy, interoperability, standards and health and data literacy and skills.
DHS collaborates both with ECHAlliance Ecosystem network to demonstrate adoption at scale of digital health and health and care data innovations.
DHS builds on the expertise of over 200 associated organisations, as well as ECHAlliance Community (900+ members and 70+ international ecosystems) sharing their expertise as a part of the DHS movement.

Digital Health Observatory

We’re smarter together than alone.

We are faced with numerous important challenges in the Digital Health Transformation.
The Digital Health Observatory (DHO) aims to help in the transfer of knowledge and to facilitate collaboration between the professional community.

Together we can achieve better health services and a better quality of life for citizens and patients with the support of Digital Technologies.

Medicines Optimisation Working Group

The Medicines Optimisation Working Group (MOWG) is a reference point to support current work and potential future ventures for the ecosystem network.

The group will act as a forum to test thinking, share best practice and provide advice on developments, supporting the scale-up and spread of innovations.

MOWG will obtain other professional advice from internal or external sources as necessary and feedback on findings where applicable.


Let's Work Together