Global Digital Health Summit, Expo & Awards

1 - 2 September - Mumbai

Global Digital Health Summit, Expo & Awards

The attendees rated the Global Digital Health Summit- 2022 as ‘Outstanding’ (91.13 %), and 53.2% rated it as the ‘best’ summit on Health. Together, we did our best to boost the adoption of Digital Health across the continuum of care.
This year, the summit will focus on solutions for implementing Digital Health at scale. This is the ‘Digital Health Solutions Summit’.
The Summit will take place at India’s best convention centre – Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on 1st September & 2nd September 2023 (Friday – Saturday).

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Global Digital Health Summit highlights



International Speakers




Around the Globe in 90 minutes at the Digital Health Summit

  • Brian O’Connor, Chair, ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector
  • Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Founder, Health Parliament
  • Dr Amit N. Thakker, Executive Chairman, Africa Health Business
  • Ann Mond-Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association
  • Dr. George Margelis, Independent Chair at Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council


Brian O’Connor Global Health Connector Partnership
Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta Health Parliament
Ann Mond-Johnson American Telemedicine Association
Dr. George Margelis Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council
Dr Amit N. Thakker Africa Health Business

Global Digital Health Summit general information

Digital Health is now the default operating system of healthcare. As the world adopts digitalization across the continuum of care, it is time to set a clear direction to ensure "Digital 'Health' for All". The two-day summit will address the issues that are critical to building a Digital Ecosystem.

India has achieved the rare feat of delivering about 2 billion COVID vaccinations through a fully digital platform - COWIN, and the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission has already delivered about 180 million electronic health records. At this pace, India is likely to become the world's most advanced healthcare system with the latest technology tools being deployed across care delivery. India needs to learn from the world, and the world needs to learn from India.

The Global Digital Health Summit is the place to meet the pioneers who are transforming healthcare and finding solutions. The summit will be graced by the
top leaders across the public and private sectors and will feature announcements and solutions for making "Digital 'Health' for All" the goal for Universal Health Coverage.

About GHCP:

The Global Health Connector Partnership connects global health communities targeting health inequalities, skills and data.

The worldwide delivery of health and care has become increasingly challenging over recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified demand and capacity issues and contributed to the ever-rising costs of health and care delivery. We are in need of changes: optimally planned services and robust and innovation-driven systems.


ECHAlliance Group members have discounted registration, please contact Heather@echalliance.com for further details.